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Men of Mandala

Curated Membership of Fit and Mindful Men.
Enjoy Connexion, Fitness & Fun through
Touch and the Healing Arts 


June 14, Partnered Flow for Tops and Btms



Partnered Flow for Tops & Btms + Sexy Open Studio

Friday, June 14th at 8:30p-11:55p

Tony brings a dynamic, male-centric partnered touch experience tailored to amplify your prowess as both a top and bottom to the Men of Mandala lineup. Tony will partner you up with different guys throughout the night, leading a sexy stretching and flow class. 


The evening will blend rugged yoga practices, intimate partner stretching, and sensual touch techniques to fortify your strength, flexibility, and male presence. Find yourself melting into one another as Tony leads a male on male workshop culminating in a sensual Open Studio. 


End the night in a sensual space called Open Studio, an unstructured portion of the evening where you can meet new guys and engage in exchanges of energy or head to the Social Tea Salon to chat up new friends.

Come solo or with a partner. Beginner level class


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